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March 14-16, 2017



Note: all press conference times are in Central Daylight Time (UTC-5:00) 

Wednesday, March 15

– 9:00 AM CDT, The Terawatt Challenge and Transforming the Modern Electricity System

– 10:00 AM CDT, From Outreach Videos to Counterstorytelling: Gender and Diversity in Physics

– 11:00 AM CDT, Guiding Plasmons with Ultrafast Resolution and Real Time Video

– 2:00 PM CDT, Mapping Human Systems

– 3:00 PM CDT, Robots! 

Thursday, March 16

– 10:00 AM CDT, Forensic Physics: Understanding Blood Backspatter

– 1:00 PM CDT, Physics of the Heart

– 3:00 PM CDT, Physics of Art: Muons, the Florence Cathedral, Old Ink, and Mummies

– 5:00 PM CDT, Hofstadter’s Butterfly turns 40

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