APS April Meeting
April 14 - 17, 2018

The following press conferences will take place during the 2018 April Meeting of the American Physical Society, April 14 – 17, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio in room A215. All times are EST.


Saturday, April 14

– 11:00 AM, Nuclear Weapons and Ballistic MIssiles

Sunday, April 15

– 10:00AM, The Proton Radius Puzzle And Plans For An LHC Successor

– 1:00PM, Katrin Experiment Shows Promise To Measure Neutrino Mass

– 2:00PM, A Prisoner of Conscience: Sakharov Prize Recipient Narges Mohammadi

– 3:00PM, Deep Learning in Physics Research


Monday, April 16

– 10:00AM, The Future of Gravitational Wave Detectors

-- 11:00 AM, Small Scale Problems with Cosmological Consequences



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